Julia Montague

The Right Honourable Julia Elizabeth Montague is a Conservative Member of Parliament and the Home Secretary. Julia is the MP for the constituency of Thames West, and lives alone following her divorce from Roger Penhaligon.


In her role as Home Secretary, Julia Montague is spearheading a controversial new counter-terrorism bill that would enable the security services almost unlimited surveillance powers. It is believed that Julia's proposal is but one step on her path to challenging the Prime Minister for leadership of the Conversative Party,

Julia's rise to prominence is not without danger, however. The counter-terrorist bill leads to her becoming a target for terrorists. Her new Principal Protection Officer, David Budd, must now be on guard to save her life.


Julia is smart, ambitious, and undaunted in the face of any opposition to her.


She had a sexual relationship with David Budd also a husband who she divorced before the events of the series, she claims that had a tough relationship and couldn't take to her husband about anything other then their distancing.


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"We are not required to apologise for the past. "

"If I don't come back, go to the Death Star"

"Whatever your training has made you, it's out of control"

"No, really, I've been a total cow"

"I want you right beside me not because it's your job, but because it's our choice"

"I've just remembered I've got nothing in"


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